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Standards-Based Assessment and Grading: Principles First, Techniques Second

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Length: 1 Hour

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March 25, 2014 3:30 PM ET

Join award-winning educator and best-selling author Rick Wormeli for an interactive webcast examining what principals need to know and communicate to teachers about grading in the new standards based environment. Rick will discuss traditional beliefs about grading and address real-world questions that schools face when the conversation turns to grading practices, including:

  • Averaging
  • Zeroes on the 100-point scale
  • Homework
  • Late work
  • 100 vs. 4.0 point scales
  • Extra credit
  • Group projects, and more.

During this event, you can address questions directly to Rick, chat with other webcast attendees, and expand the conversation on Twitter using the #gradingnassp hashtag. All participants will receive a certificate of participation following the webcast.

Course Materials

  • Standards-Based Assessment and Grading: Principles First, Techniques Second Slides

4 User Reviews

— William M.

"This was a very inciteful presentation. I would really love the chance to share this with my staff. We are currently working through changing our grading practices to a more standards based approach, and the information here supports that thinking."
— Adam B.

"The information is easily understood and will be easy to convey to those I work with why a change is needed. "
— Michael S.

"When you read Rick's books or hear him speak, you realize what a farce grading is in schools. We have continued the factory model and have an obligation to make changes - no matter how small! As always, terrific job Rick. "
— Jason C.